Sustainable design with biodiversity positive garden planning

Within every design, and with your guidance, we encourage elements to support biodiversity and the national pollinator plan.  Besides being good for the environment it brings huge positives to your garden and a huge element of well-being.

Today we are facing a dramatic environmental crisis. We believe that strong landscape design plays an important role in preserving the environment.

Landscapes are living and don’t just serve an aesthetic function. Various design choices can support biodiversity, reduce the quantity carbon dioxide in the atmosphere fighting the battle against global warming and environmental failure.

We are committed to promoting sustainability in our sphere of activity. In every project OGD supports these fundamentals to help contribute to climate regeneration.


The natural regeneration process is a great way to support native plants and ecosystems. We believe that strong planting practice is a key solution in the combat against climate collapse, which is why we try to use native plants in our designs that reflect their natural environment, this benefits flora, fauna and strengthens green infrastructure value in an area.


Pollinators are a critical factor in climate reparation. Our designs use as many pollinator friendly plants as possible putting emphasis on re-wilding forgotten landscapes, integrating wildflower meadows and supporting natural pollinator systems.


In our projects we choose the best material for your space considering its environmental impact. We recommend the most recent, sustainable materials that make sense for your project, observing their characteristics, sources, and durability.


Our team will ensure that the project meets your needs, combining beauty and functionality with sustainable landscape design. Furthermore, our planning system will give you an accurate quantitative reading of the materials you need to complete your project, avoiding waste and even unnecessary transport.